Search Engine Submission

Today almost 87% of the traffic on the Internet is generated from search engines. It is therefore very important that your website is present on these Search Engines to tap the various buyers world over sourcing your products on these search engines.

Search engine submission is a final step of web promotion process. Once your website is designed and empowered with keywords, you need to submit your website. Search engine submission is generally mistaken with search engine optimization, but both are entirely different processes. Search engine submission is a process of submitting the website url to a specific search engine. By submitting your website you get listed with the search engine. There exist various on line directories, where we submit the link of website. This submission also help in link building. As per the emblematic definition of Search engine submission, in order to make the search engine aware of a website or webpage, URL of that website is required to be submitted in search engine. In fact all the efforts put across in designing, content development, go in waste until that website is not submitted in right search engine. There are defined policies for search engine submission, fixed by search engines. These policies varies among various search engine and directories.

We can also offer a web positioning service whereby we guarantee to get your web site in the top 20 of various search engines. This is an ongoing process and can take up to 3 months before results can be seen.