Payment gateway Integration –Los Angeles

Internet has given us access to many things and supports many actions that previously were done manually. And payments through net have become the most useful method of technology for many net users. We make payments or transfers of fund for various purposes. Some of them are: Bank transfers, E – bill payment, payments made for shopping online etc. These services are provided to make the transaction flow of money smooth while keeping in mind the importance of securing the details and the transfer made. What is payment gateway role? It is a service provider application supporting e-commerce functions that authorizes credit card payments for e-businesses, online purchase of products, etc. By encrypting credit card details payment gateway secures the details of credit cards and other sensitive information. Once it encrypts, these information are passed on to the merchant and also from merchant to payment processor. Payment gateway is nothing but an application or a service provider that securely transmits the details of transaction through a payment portal to the recipient in this case it could be a bank or front end processor.

Typically a customer orders a product online through a payment gateway (merchant who enables this facility) and on the payment gateway page he fills in details regarding his credit card or any other such card. Now,this information are encrypted and sent from the customer’s website to the Merchant’s web server. This is further transferred to the payment gateway of the merchant (encrypted version) which is directed to the payment server. From payment gateway it is forwarded to payment processor (it could be the acquiring bank). Finally the card association receives the information and an authorization is sent to the designated bank of the credit card. From here on there are few simple steps for the payment to take place. Without the use of payment gateway integrators ecommerce shopping websites would not be successful. Today a lot of these transactions rely on payment gateway integration.

Payment gateway integration LosAngeles: Payment gateways are usually of third party companies. Some of the examples are: Pay pal,, Google and banks. Payment gateway integrations help customers to ease their job of ordering and making payments. By programming a secure and high end processor the team of payment gateway integrators supports a list of payment gateways giving a choice to the client to choose from. Some of the famously used payment gateway integration Los Angeles is:

  • Paypal
  • Verisign pay flow
  • Pay-me-Now
  • 2Checkout
  • StormPay
  • Linkpoint
  • Google Checkout

There are many more payment gateway integrations. Some of them charge an initial fee and subsequently charge for every transaction that takes place. Some of them don’t charge any fee at the inception but would charge amount for every transaction. There are others who charge a high initial payment and low percentage and some who charge low initial payment and high percentage. These varieties of payment gateway integration, Los Angeles can be decided depending on the volume of transactions made.

However, it’s better to go for a better payment gateway structure which promises secure transactions and encrypts data properly so that the credit card details are not leaked or disclosed. Ultimately the customer should get satisfied using these applications or services provided.