Email Hosting

Google has changed the way an ordinary email account works today by providing various communication tools and other interface that has helped a common man, communicate with its friend distant countries better. The importance of emails as a communication tool has lead many companies in Los Angles provide email hosting services Los Angeles. This hosting service is an added feature of a common web hosting company and you can also have your own domain name among your people using this solution. Most email in a company has a web server attached to it. But Email Hosting Los Angeles has no web server attached to it and works in a different way. The recent years have seen a slow growth of its users in Los Angles and currently this business is booming internet business.

As an end user how would you benefit from using an email solution provider?

When you are using an email hosting services Los Angeles Company you would enjoy benefits in many ways which are:

Organized communications

When you have an internet business, your major documented communications is based on emails. Most of the time your emails are not organized and you have problems related to it. When you seek the services of Email Hosting Los Angeles Company, the solution provider would ensure that you enjoy an efficient emailing system. An error free emailing system is a good advantage for not only your internal company communications but you can also use these efficient email systems for your various marketing campaigns. This would attract your customer towards your various product promotional plans.

Enjoy great security measures

When you use Email Hosting Los Angeles Company’s solution, you would enjoy great security mechanism for your email accounts. This would be a relief for you have certain information’s that are strictly confidential in nature and you can circulate your emails to specified person without data being exposed.

You receive protection from various malwares

When you use these email solutions, your emails are protected from various types of malwares that are attack an ordinary email system. There are many viruses that use email as a host and when these emails are open not only does your computer machine get affected but your whole email network would collapse within minutes. Email solution providers like Email Hosting Los Angeles, monitor continuously the incoming emails stringently and kills the malwares using efficient solutions. Thus you are saved from unnecessary headaches.

Option to share email addresses

One of the major time consuming processes is importing and exporting addresses of email. When you use these email solutions you can share your various email addresses in a common database. This adds major user benefit for the email users.

Enjoy great email storage space

When you use these email solution providers, you enjoy a good storage space. Depending on the total users using the solution, you can divide the space equally. With great storage space you can archive your old mails and use it for reference.

Email hosting providers add great benefits to you. Therefore say goodbye to your problems and invest in a good company offering good email hosting solutions.

E-Mail Features:

  • Email@YourDomain.
  • Fully configurable email boxes.
  • POP3 compatible.
  • IMAP compatible.
  • WebMail.
  • Email Forwarding (aliases).
  • Spam Filter (click for info)
  • No Ads in your emails.
  • Plenty of disk space.
  • Anti-Virus screening.
  • Web-based Control Panel.
  • Static IP for MX record in DNS.
  • 128 bit SSL Secure SMTP.
  • 128 bit SSL Secure POP3.
  • Auto-responders.